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poet5170Poetry by Elsie
*WELCOME TO MY WORLD* ~ Read my poems full of fact, fiction and fantasy.

PORTHLEVEN HARBOUR Porthleven harbour was built around 1814 And a working harbour is what it has been, This was built as a safe haven in mind Boats could shelter when the weather declined. ... More

countrypoetPoetry by countrypoet
Poetry inspired by faith, delivered by love, and anointed by the Holy Spirit

There Is A Famine In America There is a famine in America! Malnutrition's on the rise! Some believing souls are starving! When will The Church world realize That the B ... More

poetic2050Poetry by poetic2050
Feedback and critique requested.

Dearest Mother The sun had not yet appeared when he took you a year ago today, July 26, 2013. I remember ev ... More

~WELCOME TO DREAMLAND~ Read my Poems to Know me. I am in my poems.

Please, visit the site for the poem. Text on Picture is not visible here. ... More

pupweePoetry by pupwee
Feedback and critique requested.

The Season-Go-Round
The Season-Go-Round ______________ Is the sky high enough for you today? I'll move it up a bit if it displeases you. I'll deepen it some and all you need to say Is when it's the proper shade of blu ... More

johnnyduncani can by johnnyduncan J, Duncan is the Father of Afr-i-can Amer-i-can!

when being a NI??ER was good
White Folks reserved it for those who caused unrest, And, refused to consume the feces from Jim Crow's Nest. In the 1st decade of the 21st Century or so, What once was, now does no ... More

kuopenyungPoetry by kuopenyung
Feedback and critique requested.

Source of Turmoils
  Source of Turmoils   Why is our world conflicting endlessly? With war and struggle, we wander, suffer incessantly!   It ... More

missdeePoetry by missdee
Feedback and critique requested.

To Young
~TO YOUNG~   To Young and to afraid what others would think. so much wasted time and so much heartache . for all the lost time. to much hiding and so much pretending. Now the ... More

etwasgedankenPoetry by etwasgedanken
What did you think of what you just read? Feel free to send in your critique.

The Last Train
She stubbed out the cigarette after one long, last drag The books were heavy as she adjusted the strap of her bag A black cat looked unwavering at her, from under the chairs She froze just a moment an ... More

author3578Poetry by author3578
Welcome to Janet's Planet critique requested.

Leaves pretty on trees Sway softly in the breeze Millions and billions hanging Waiting for their time to fall A brilliancy of colors As they fall Becoming crumpled Trampled on- Some blow away While o ... More

mckinleycooperDiscover McKinley Cooper at PP!
Visit her site, Not-so-Vincent, & get to know her. Her Southern roots make her neo-Gothic work unique.

Thunder Walks the Dark Hills
A flare of lightning Pulls me from dreams The electric prelude Wakes ghosts in the trees Thunder walks the dark hills With rain in the night The sky is distraught It grieves; it cries The stars ta ... More

poetryToday's Poetry
Valentine's Day Poems by Poetry Prime Poets

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